Boost your professional skills to further your career with our certified experts


Gain a fresh perspective on things and learn a new way of thinking


Develop your ability to motivate and encourage others.

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A mentor can help you expand your professional network.


Setesca’s certified mentoring is the best support for any professional in a process of changing of role, in process of implantation of a complex or a new Project into a organization.

Certified mentoring indicates that the Mentors who are all professionals into their field have passed through a process to certify its professional experience to provide support for the specific change of role or Project that the customer needs to afford.

With a minimum cost, the professionals can have access to the best consultants and professionals to get advice and to prepare and check any decision to take.

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our mentors

We carefully choose the mentors in our network as we want them to truly maximize the mentees potential. We want them to share skills, knowledge and expertise being a postive reference who takes a personal interest and care in the mentoring relationship.

Therefor we match your needs to one of the mentors in our network where we will share his profile with your so you can evaluate if he meets your requirements.

What Sets us apart

If you want more then just our mentorship services – Setesca Group can bring you a full set of solutions:

  • Human Resource Solutions
  • Diagnosis
  • Profiling
  • Consultancy
  • Projects Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Consultancy
  • Headhunting
  • Resource Externalization


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¿Want to become a mentor? Send us your contact details and specialities and we will reach out to explain how to become a mentor in our network.

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